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Posting your Events and Classes on the MoveMap

Once you are set up as a registered user with a profile on the Conscious Dancer MoveMap website, you’re ready to go ahead and post your classes, events, and workshops. The first thing to do is click on the ‘Submit Event’ button on the upper right in the green bar: It will open up a [...]

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Creating your profile on the Conscious Dancer website.

Our new website is better than ever! Make sure you are registered as a user at When you visit the site, you will see a green bar on top. If you click any of the buttons there and you are not registered yet, it will prompt you to register and create a username. Once [...]

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Cure Facebook Distraction with this Handy Trick

Do you ever go to post something specific on Facebook, only to get distracted by something on your Timeline and then 45 minutes later pull yourself out of the fog of cat videos and teeth-gnashing comment threads only to wonder why you were there in the first place? Facebook employs legions of trained social engineers [...]

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Facebook Fundamentals for Facilitators: Facts Every Dance First Member Should Know

All to often I see movement leaders making the same mistakes, and setting themselves up for trouble down the line. It's hard to avoid Facebook nowadays, but after all, if you want to get the word out to your community, you've got to go where the people are. We all know a random person or two [...]

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10 reasons why it’s crucial to have a good email newsletter

In this post I talk about ten of the main reasons that it's so important for you to have a robust email list. If you are primarily relying on social media, physical flyers, or word-of-mouth to promote your work, you are missing out on the single most valuable channel of communication that you have available to [...]

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How to boost local word of mouth with related practices.

In this members-only article you'll discover a simple and effective way to leverage your extended community in a way that enhances your credibility and magnetically attracts more participants to your regular classes. You'll learn an easy way to reframe your practice and broaden out your support base to better serve a wider variety of people [...]

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Low Tech Method for Growing Your Email List.

This members-only article will teach you a low-tech way to easily build a high-tech mailing list. One of the things that every Dance First member learns is the importance of having an active and engaging mailing list. If you're offering virtual programs or long-distance coaching, then online methods that add people from around the world are fine, [...]

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