Magnetic Mastermind with Mark Metz

A 6-session intensive in magnetic marketing and consciousness-raising for movement leaders. An exclusive mastermind to build your tribe, fast-track your practice, and put the best new technology to work for you.

  • Limited to six participants only.
  • Private one-on-one coaching track.
  • Six action-oriented group training classes.
  • Personalized strategy template.

Are you better with bodies on the dance floor then you are with pixels and promotions? Do you cringe when you think about your newsletter or other marketing efforts, and think about it like a necessary evil? Have you looked at other training programs, and felt that they weren’t a match for someone with your somatic sensibilities?

Some people think that self-promotion is a dirty word, and marketing is something left to the experts at best or even avoided altogether. You may have a limiting belief that you’re not interesting enough, that you have to be one of “those people” in order to cultivate a following. But really, what if the opposite were true, and in fact it had very little to do with your creativity or circumstances, and everything to do with your approach, your habits, and your routines? If you just learn how to make content creation an enlivening and joyful practice, then you’ll naturally build character and enjoy the rewards of a devoted community.

My name is Mark Metz. I’m the publisher of Conscious Dancer magazine, and director of the Dance First Association. For over 20 years I’ve been writing about and serving the world’s most dynamic movement leaders and modality creators. As a publisher in a rapidly changing industry, I’ve watched the meaning and methods of media and marketing evolve rapidly from year-to-year. Keeping up with the latest is quite a chore, and I’ve made it my job to keep my finger on the pulse.

I find it ironic, and someone saddening, that people like movement facilitators who do the most valuable transformative work with people often have the hardest time with their marketing efforts. In this brave new world of digital media it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and easily waste a great deal of time and energy with very little to show in the way of results. I’m here to help you cut to the chase, and determine exactly which combination of tools you need to match your style and then leverage your own natural abilities into into a compelling stream of content.

This course was offered as a 12-week training about a year ago, and much has changed since then. The core elements of Character, Content, and Community remain the pillars of this training. I have decided to boil it down and deliver it in a 6-week intensive.

Group Elements:

  • Six 2-Hour Virtual Video Class Meetings
  • 23 Point Practice Assessment
  • Self-Guided Learning Assignments
  • Brief Goal Sharing and Group Support.

Private Elements:

  • Initial 90-minute personal coaching meeting.
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Steering calls.
  • Personalized action plan and strategy template.


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